2015-10-10 | Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD

One Set: Beethoven and Greene, Syncopated Healing, Second Wind, Wasabi Eruption -> The Box, Apples[1], Five[2], The Catapillar

Encore: The Weight[3]

Show Notes: This show was a part of the "TWERK Tour" which featured The Werks. Twiddle headlined this show.
[1] "Apples" featured Wiley Griffin (Teddy TV) on guitar
[2] "Five" featured Mihali on an acoustic guitar
[3] "The Weight" was a debut and featured Chris Houser (The Werks), Rob Chafin (The Werks), Miahli, Zdenek and Book all on acoustic guitars/bass. All took turns on the verses.